These Fan Edits Of Red Velvet’s Irene As LG’s New Model Are So Impressive, They Actually Caught LG’s Attention

It’s not often that companies respond to fan edits, but Irene is the exception.

After fan edits of Red Velvet’s Irene as a model for LG Electronics’ new phone started going viral across the internet in South Korea and beyond, the company has responded with a statement on whether she’ll really be the brand’s new endorser.

On April 12, a user on the online IT community Meeco uploaded a photo of Irene holding the new LG Velvet phone.

It may look like a real marketing image, but it’s actually a fan edit. Later, the user uploaded a second render showing the phone with a fitting red velvet backing and Irene as the screen background.

The talented fan used a photo from Irene’s new Clinique endorsement to create the edits, switching out the brand’s hydrating cream for an LG phone.

Within no time at all, the fan edits were everywhere. Even international tech enthusiasts and news sites who had likely never heard of Irene before were seen using her photo to discuss the phone.

In fact, the edits spread so far, they managed to attract the attention of LG Electronics itself. On April 14, News 1 reported on the edits, but revealed that LG Electronics officials say they’re yet to choose a model.

However, that’s not to say there’s no chance of Irene becoming the phone’s real endorser. Given how the edits have spread so widely through online forums, social media, Weibo and more, it’s clear Irene would do a great job as the brand’s new model.

Plus, Irene has already endorsed LG Electronics before. Back in 2019, Red Velvet were selected as the models for the LG V50 ThinQ phone.

On top of that, it would be pretty fitting for an SM Entertainment idol to endorse the LG Velvet phone. According to insiders, LG Electronics originally trademarked the name “LG Velvet” as a successor to the bestselling LG Chocolate phone. Second generation K-Pop fans may remember that Girls’ Generation and f(x) both released songs called “Chocolate Love” to promote the phone.

Source: News 1

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