Fan-Favorite SM Entertainment Subunit Shocks Netizens With Unexpected Schedule

No one saw it coming! 👀

One of the best parts of being a K-Pop fan is the thrill of unexpected comebacks and activities. The anticipation builds, especially when a favorite artist has been inactive for a while, making their return all the more exciting. This is precisely what fans of SM Entertainment‘s acclaimed subunit, Red Velvet – Irene&Seulgi, are experiencing right now, following the announcement of their latest schedule.

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The subunit formed from the popular girl group Red Velvet has surprised fans with their participation in a special episode of the popular Korean variety show Immortal Songs. This episode celebrates the 20th anniversary of the legendary K-Pop group TVXQ!, and the duo is set to cover one of the group’s iconic songs.


Sharing the stage with other celebrated artists like ZEROBASEONE, KARDI, and JD1, Irene and Seulgi’s appearance is highly anticipated by fans and viewers alike.

The announcement of their schedule has caused a stir among the K-Pop community. A tweet revealing their participation quickly amassed over 3,100 likes, reflecting the eagerness and excitement of the fans. This reaction underscores the duo’s significant impact and the strong following they have cultivated since their debut.

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Irene & Seulgi made their debut in 2020 with the hit title track “Monster” and a mini-album of the same name. The release was a critical and commercial success, showcasing the duo’s unique style and musical prowess.

Another track from the album, “Naughty,” became a fan favorite, noted for its intricate choreography and the use of tutting — a specialized high-difficulty dance genre. Their innovative approach to dance and music, coupled with a captivating concept and a high-quality discography, has endeared them to a broad fanbase.

Despite their initial success, to the disappointment of fans, the unit has been largely inactive since their debut in 2020. However, their recent schedule announcement, coupled with a recent performance on New Year’s Eve, has sparked speculation among fans about a potential comeback.

This anticipation is fueled by the duo’s history of delivering compelling performances and their ability to continuously evolve and surprise their audience.

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Fans eagerly await the duo’s performance, hopeful that this marks the beginning of a new chapter in their career.

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