A Fan Sent KARD’s BM A Bracelet As A Gift And He Hasn’t Taken It Off Ever Since

The man’s got big tiddies, and an even bigger heart!

KARD‘s BM is fondly described as a “big tiddies, bigger heart” kinda guy, and this latest story about him from a fan is sure to warm your hearts!

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A few months ago, a fan (@u/loudchoice) took to Reddit to share their experience of a fan call event with BM, and talked about how friendly and caring he was the whole time, listening to them vent about anything and everything. They also shared the story that preceded this; how BM noticed a comment they sent when he went live on Instagram one night, and gave heartfelt advice to the fan going through tough times!

The fan then wrote about how they made a bracelet after that Instagram live and wore it to remind themselves of the advice BM gave to them, and in a more recent fan call event, mentioned to him how they still wear the bracelet.

BM then asked the fan to make him one as well, which they did and shipped the bracelet all the way to Korea! A few weeks later, the fan revealed that after BM received it on May 14, he can be seen wearing the bracelet in every single photo he has taken, showing his gratitude and appreciation to the fan for such a meaningful gift!

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| @u/loudchoice/Reddit
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| @u/loudchoice/Reddit

The fan then talked about how thankful they were to BM for such a kind gesture, and is also thrilled to have a friendship bracelet with their ultimate K-Pop bias!

I utterly adore him. The way he genuinely cares for people, for his fans, and for everyone? It absolutely breaks my heart. He’s such a good man and he has such a huge heart. I can’t stress enough how incredible he is.


Bless BM and his big, caring heart!

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