Fan Makes Idol’s Face Out Of Food… Can You Tell Who It Is?

Fans have use the “Ice! Nose, Lips” tray to create edible works of art!

A creative K-Pop fan used their culinary skills to turn a meal into their bias’s handsome face!


salyal03_88 used egg for the face, nose, and mouth, pasta for his hair…


….and ketchup for his rosy cheeks!

If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s BIGBANG’s Daesung!


The idea of literally eating an idol’s face is bizarre, but what else did BIGBANG expect when they created this “Ice! Nose, Lips” ice tray?


Believe it or not, this tray was part of the official merchandise for Daesung’s 2014 Japanese tour, Encore!! 3D Tour [D-LITE DLive D’slove].


In this photo, Daesung can be seen dunking his face in silicone to produce the ice tray’s bright yellow mould.


The tray was, as the name suggests, meant for creating ice cubes modeled after Daesung…


…but many fans used it to cook up edible art!


They made chicken nugget noses and lips…


…chocolate treats with marshmallow boogers…


…and chocolate treats without boogers.


They baked glazed, cookie-dough lips…


…and tasty, Bavarian cream bites.


Artsy, DIY fans have also created inedible goods, like hangers…

…and fridge magnets!


The possibilities are endless!

Source: Instiz