Fan Makes TWICE Nayeon Write Sexually Suggestive Message On Merchandise

Being a K-Pop idol is harder than you might think for so many reasons.

Could we call such a person a ‘fan’?

So obviously, being a K-Pop idol isn’t the easiest job. But sometimes things get a little too hard, with so-called fans doing things that are simply over the line.

In 2016, a fan approached TWICE member Nayeon at a restaurant and requested a signature. On top of that, he requested that she writes “See you back at home in a bit” which can be interpreted in so many ways, including as a sexual harassment.

In his Instagram post that day, this fan explains “Nayeon wrote down what I asked, even though I knew it was much to ask.” This suggests that he was aware of the underlying meaning how uncomfortable she could feel because of it.

TWICE isn’t the only K-Pop group that faces such risks of being harassed. G-FRIEND’s Yerin caught a fan who sneaked in a micro hidden camera in his glasses.

TWICE’s Mina and Sana, Suzy, Nine Muses’ Kyungri, PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung, iKon’s Yunhyeong, Jay Park, and so many more idols have been exposed to death threats, unwanted physical contacts, verbal harassments, and other dangerous behaviors.

Could such people be considered fans?