Kim Sejeong Surprises Fan After Recognizing Them First In An Elevator

What would you do if you met her in person?

In a recent post on an online community board, a fan shared their story of meeting Kim Sejeong.

| theqoo

I saw Kim Sejeong today…I was texting my friend while waiting for the elevator and when I looked up, Kim Sejeong was staring straight at me. I couldn’t speak because I was so shocked but then she said she recognized me and I almost jumped out of the elevator…

It was revealed that the fan was a long-time fan who attended many offline gugudan events in the past. Netizens couldn’t help but be jealous of this cute fan encounter.

  • “I would have cried if this was me.”
  • “I would have fainted on the spot.”
  • “Wow….I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week.”
  • “My heart is pounding just reading the is the OP even alive right now.”
Source: theqoo