Fan-Taken Photos Reveal Park Bo Gum Is Thinner Than People Thought

These photos show that Park Bo Gum is just the right amount of thin!

Fan-taken photos of Park Bo Gum in Chile for the shooting of Music Bank showed that he was thinner than most people thought.


His arms looked thinner, his waist tiny and a lot of leg room in his straight jeans. Not to mention his baby fat on his face was nowhere to be found that day!


Although he looked skinner than expected, the combination of his exceptional visuals and stylist fashion made him look like a runway model!


In actuality, the star weighs around 71kg, which is not very much considering his height!

Park Bo Gum is 182cm tall, which is nearly 6ft!


It’s amazing how he can keep his figure when he loves to eat so much.


Since training with Kim Jong Kook, his slim body has even developed subtle traces of well-built muscles.


Whether he is thin or not, his beautiful smile will continue to make his fans’ hearts go crazy!

Source: Pann Nate
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