Fan Points Out Female Idol’s Cleavage Is Showing… Her Reaction Is Priceless

Alice from Hello Venus has a wardrobe malfunction – and a fan points it out.

During a fansign, Hello Venus’s Alice had a wardrobe malfunction but luckily, a fan helped her out!


As Alice leaned forward to sign the fan’s picture, her blue button-up slipped down. Alice didn’t notice her shirt slipping… but her fan did!


She looked up at the fan, a bit uncomfortable and surprised, before sitting back in her chair.


Alice touched her hand to her chest and apologized for the slip, then went back to signing. She was careful not to lean too far forward this time!


As she signed, Alice tried to keep her cool but she couldn’t help being a little embarrassed! She smiled shyly and touched her blushing cheeks.


Her fan did the same thing! He was burning up too!


At the end of the sign, Alice shook hands with the observant fan. They smiled at each other like friends sharing a joke.


Alice made sure to check her shirt one more time before welcoming her next fan!


Watch the full video below.