A Fan Recalls A Special Moment With BTS’s Jin That Gives Them Strength Even To This Day

Jin best boy.

We all know just how pure and well-mannered BTS can be to everyone, especially their fans. The influence and power that they have to ARMYs is unmatched and is the reason why BTS and ARMY cannot be taken down easily.

An online community board recently gained attention for a fans’ little story of how Jin gave them the strength to carry on.

A fan attended one of the legendary recording shows from 2017 and revealed their touching story about Jin.

I think it’s true that by laying low you can actually stand out. Back in 2017, I attended a Mnet BTS special recording, and for those that know, that was one of the longest recordings that took out both BTS and ARMYs. It was a 24 hour recording…and up until the ten hour mark I was still jumping up and down with energy. But by the end, I was so burnt out and my voice was totally gone and my legs were shaking. Because I was in the first row, I could see BTS up close so I tried not to show how tired I was and held it in. Only when the boys would go in to monitor the recording would I crouch down because I was dizzy and sweating. (of course I was happy that I was seeing BTS all day, it was just that my body was taking a toll.)

After finishing the recording, the fan made eye contact with Jin.

I knew that after a few hours it would all be over so I continued to support them until the end. After the 24 hour recording was over, BTS came out to say thank you to all the ARMYs that came out to support them, but I was so tired that all I could do was wave around my ARMY bomb. Just then, I made eye contact with Jin so I mouthed, “It was hard right, you did well.” Jin, who saw me, mouthed back, “You did well.”

At that moment, all the pain that I endured that day washed away and I could almost feel tears coming on. I can’t forget that moment that I had with Jin and I always think about that time whenever I have a hard time in my daily life.

Talk about one lucky fan! This short yet intimate conversation between fan and idol gave them the strength to carry on at the recording as well as in their daily life. The power BTS has proves to be unmatched!

Source: nate pann