Fan Recounts Story Of Bumping Into Sandara Park At Store In Thailand

A fan revealed what it felt like to meet Sandara Park candidly on the streets!

A Korean fan of 2NE1‘s Sandara Park ran into her by chance in Thailand, and the story was shared multiple times through K-Pop Reddit.

The fan was shopping with some friends at the Emquartier, a famous department store in Thailand when he saw a group of Koreans pass by him.

“I was walking around with my friends at Emquariter (One of most famous department stores at Thailand) and some group of Koreans walked past us.

One of my friend named Time (Thai) went “Oh shit, isn’t that Sandara Park?”

I thought so but I wasn’t sure of it and I was too scared to ask.”

— Fan

Unsure if it really was her, they followed her around for a bit, but after checking her latest Instagram post, they confirmed their suspicions!

“We had no choice but to follow her around.

After following her around for quite an amount of time and being too scared to ask, my friend named Navi searched up her IG and looked at her most recent photo. She had the exact same outfit as in the photo I took with her.”

— Fan

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The fan got up the courage to ask Dara for a photo, and she happily agreed! After taking the photo, the fan couldn’t help but run away out of giddy shyness.

“After I was completely sure that it was her, I went up to her and asked her “Aren’t you Sandara Park?” in Korean while showing her IG photo. She was. I went “Oh really? For real?” then burst out an uncontrollable laughter of happiness.

I then asked her if I could take a picture with her. She said sure, and her friends were asking whats the deal. She went ‘Oh I think this student here is Korean, and he wants to take a picture with me.’ Then my friend Shiva took a photo of her and me together. I was so nervous and just went ‘Thank you!’ (In Korean still) and just ran away.”

— Fan

He thanked her before running away, of course!

And that is the wonderful story of how a lucky fan got to experience Sandara’s kind, pure heart first-hand!

“As I ran away, I went ‘HOLY F*CK YEAH IT’S HER! HAHAH I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!’ and let out another uncontrollable laughter. My friend, Navi, said that she was laughing at me. I probably looked really dumb with all the laughing and running away.

I’m fully Korean and I am from Geochang if anyone is curious. I was really lucky today.”

— Fan

Source: K-Pop Reddit