A Fan Revealed He Was Going Deaf, What AOA Chanmi Did Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Chanmi from AOA received a lot of attention from her recent live chat when she talked to her fans by hand writing.

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When she started her live, she grabbed a pen and paper and wrote this down,

“There is a reason why I decided to hand write to converse with you all during the live. May I share why? I received a DM from whom I cannot name, but he said that he was slowly losing his hearing.”


After her intro to her live, she then continued to interact with her hands by writing out all of her answers to her fans.


So many fans were encouraged and touched by her gesture and her live video started to go viral.


The way Chanmi’s kindness extended to her fans are warming everyone’s hearts.


Many netizens are praising Chanmi for breaking the norm of using SNS to connect with fans.


Watch the full live video here:


Source: Dispatch