A Fan Got Sassy With MONSTA X’s Joohoney And I.M, So Here’s The Clever Way They Handled It

They decided to flip it into a funny situation.

During one of MONSTA X‘s past live broadcasts, a fan requested Joohoney and I.M to sing the group’s song “X”. While it seemed like a reasonable request, the sassy way the fan asked had the two members responding in a calm way that was equally as sassy.

Joohoney read the fan’s comment. If he and I.M weren’t going to sing “X”, the fan asked who would. “MONSTA Z?” The sassiness caught them by surprise, Joohoney raising a hand to his mouth.

With a confused facial expression to match, Joohoney kept repeating, “Oh my god! MONSTA Z!” in a dramatically shocked voice. Catching onto the vibe, I.M soon joined in on the funny way he was handling it.

The fan’s sassy response had both of them holding their hands to their chests as if they were trying to keep warm. They said, “So cold.” I.M took it further by adding on, “Turn off the AC… Give me some blanket.”

They were on a roll. Faking shock, I.M questioned, “Who said MONSTA Z?” Joohoney repeated it, feigning an equal amount of shock. He even made up a song for the so-called MONSTA Z.

While MONSTA X had the song “Who Do U Love?”, MONSTA Z would have the knock-off song “Where Do U Love?”

After all their funny jokes and acting, Joohoney and I.M returned to normal in the blink of an eye. With blank expressions, they moved closer to the camera and continued on as if nothing had happened.

They proved they could be just as sassy as fans—on command and in-sync. See I.M and Joohoney keep their cool in the cheekiest way when responding to the Monbebe here.