A Fan Once Saw BTS’s Jungkook And Got So Excited That They Decided To Get Drunk

This fan was extremely excited!

A fan meeting one of their favorite idols is quite an exciting experience, and this was the case for one particular fan who saw BTS‘s Jungkook at Hongdae.

The fan was so excited that they decided to drink until they got drunk!

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When BTS guested on Cultwo Show, a fan sent a message that said, “As I met with my friend and were about to go drink, I saw Jungkook.”

The fan got so excited from Jungkook’s presence that they decided to get drunk. In fact, the fan even stated, “I drank until I couldn’t tell if I was drunk or if the drink had drank me.”

Jungkook then shared that he went to Hongdae to gather his thoughts. While he was there, he saw some people doing dance covers of BTS’s songs.


Jungkook was quite surprised and decided to watch the performances. Jungkook was so excited that he even thought about joining the performers, but he held it in.

Here’s the full video below!