A fan spotted Suho in a restaurant, what he did next will make you jealous

Sometimes meeting your bias can come with the most unexpected, yet pleasant and tasty surprises.

An EXO was pleasantly surprised recently after she had met Suho in a restaurant. The fan recounted that she had approached Suho as he ate in a restaurant, and revealed to the idol that she was his fan. Suho then gave the fan an autograph.

However, his kindness did not end there. Suho then silently left the restaurant, however, before leaving, he paid for the fan’s meal. Suho’s act of kindness what of course not mentioned to the fan, giving her the ultimate surprise.

Suho has received constant praise throughout his career for his charming and kind personality. This is of course not the first time that the idol has extended out his kindness to EXO-ls have revealed their interactions with Suho multiple times since his debut and even while he was a trainee.

This one incident is definitely the most adorable. He truly acted out of kindness, and with no interest in receiving any praise.

Check out the screenshot of the tweet below: