A Fan Curses at Han Ye Seul for Being Too Pretty, Han Ye Seul Curses Back

No wonder everyone has a girl crush on Han Ye Seul.

Actress Han Ye Seul recently shared gorgeous photos of herself, and a fan left a comment full of passion and curse words, to which Han Ye Seul cursed back.

The photos Han Ye Seul posted showed her wearing a white blouse and purple lipstick accompanied by the caption, “So purple.

And while most fans left simple comments such as “You’re so pretty“, “Please try on all the lipsticks in this world“, and “Your phone looks big because your face is small“, one particular fan left a more passionate comment that attracted more attention.

The comment reads, “I know this is bad to say, but this is the best I can express it. You’re so f***ing prettyyy. F***, are you human, are you a painting, are you a work of art, or are you a god? You’re so f***ing prettyyy.

And in response, Han Ye Seul brought out the bad girl side of her by commenting, “I am f***ing thankful to you for saying that.

No wonder everyone has a girl crush on her.

Source: Dispatch