This Fan Transformed Into TWICE’s Mina With Just Makeup

That talent tho 👌

A Japanese TWICE fan recently transformed into Mina with the use of her incredible makeup skills.

On March 4, the YouTube channel Like A Miracle posted a makeup tutorial for the benefit of those who want to try to look like Mina for a day.

Starting off with a bare face, she thoroughly walked through the process of transforming into Mina with the use of select makeup products.

She used a lighter makeup base to match Mina’s fair complexion and carefully spent the time to add many gorgeous details to her sparkly eye look.

The end result was shocking.

She was able to capture the shapes and details of Mina’s facial features, and even her hair style was eerily similar. To the casual observer, she could truly pass as Mina.

Want to see how she achieved the look? You can watch the entire video below!

Source: Youtube