A Fan Tried To Shame TWICE For Snacking And Their Response Was Perfect

They weren’t going to stand for being bullied.

During a special live broadcast, Nayeon, Sana, and Jeongyeon ate snacks together as they chatted with fans.  Munching on fries, hamburgers, and other tasty treats, the girls of TWICE were talking about Sana’s hair when a viewer left the perhaps well-intentioned, but nonetheless rude, comment.

Sana was quick to respond, asking whether fans wouldn’t like them if they gained weight.

She then proceeded to shut down any other potential food-shaming or body-shaming comments by reminding viewers that gaining weight is natural.

In a less serious moment, Sana smiled as she reminded viewers that they snack during live broadcasts because everyone enjoys watching them eat.

Unbothered, the girls joked around as they laughed the comment off and continued snacking.

The moment was a nice reminder that you should never be ashamed to do what makes you happy!