Fan Tries Jumping Into INFINITE Sunggyu’s Car After Mobbing Him

The video is freaking insane and shows how fans mobbed him.

Fans were justifiably upset after INFINITE‘s Sunggyu was pushed and shoved by a crowd, right outside the venue of his musical.

After his musical performance, Sunggyu was on his way out to his car when fans began rushing towards him.

Sunggyu’s manager tried to lead him through the mob of fans, who continued to push and shove each other for a closer look at him.

Once they successfully reached his car, they encountered a major problem. An over-zealous fan attempted to enter Sunggyu’s car, trying to jump into the driver’s seat to get to Sunggyu!

Luckily Sunggyu’s manager was able to prevent the fan from entering the car and pulled her out.

Photos were released, showing the fan and how close she ended up getting to Sunggyu, despite the heavy security and his manager’s presence.

Despite all this, Sunggyu kept a smile on the entire time and greeted his fans, without looking angry or upset.

While a few of these fans are giving fans a bad name, not everyone at the musical venue behaved inappropriately. Thankfully, these fans didn’t invade Sunggyu’s personal space and kept at a distance. Good work, girls!