Fan Mixes Up TXT’s Beomgyu With Taehyun, But Beomgyu Has The Best Reaction

Beomgyu’s reaction to the wrong name had everyone loving him.

TXT‘s Beomgyu always succeeds in bringing laughter to fans. During the group’s recent fan signing, he did just that when a fan accidentally mistook him for Taehyun.


When it was the fan site’s turn to speak with Beomgyu, they soon had an unexpected slipup. They accidentally called him Taehyun right after Beomgyu warned, “You have thirty seconds left. What did you want to say?

Though they immediately corrected themselves once they realized the mistake, Beomgyu was too fast.

Beomgyu’s eyes widened as he clapped so loudly that fans already had memes prepared to poke fun at the reaction.

Making the moment funnier, Beomgyu decided to give them a pretend punishment. He joked that it would cut their time short, saying, “Okay. Minus thirty seconds.

Keeping the joke going, Beomgyu said, “Goodbye,” while waving his hand in farewell. His adorable smile at the end proved just how much he loved joking with the fan.

As soon as MOAs saw the interaction, they couldn’t resist how humorously Beomgyu handled it. Even Taehyun would’ve appreciated how witty he was.

Taehyun and Hueningkai.
Source: Twitter 1 and Twitter 2