This Fancam of V Suddenly Started Going Viral… For Obvious Reasons

Don’t try to revive me. I’m dead.

BTS’s V always get positive comments about his visuals and remarkable charisma on stage.

Hence why this specific fancam of his during of their performances received viral views.

The video was taken during their “DNA” performance at the Gwanghamun Square.

He wore a soft white shirt and black tie that flowed gracefully between their powerful choreography.

The whole concept merely highlighted his superior visuals with fans left commenting as to how mysterious and “fairy-like” he looked.

The video, however, was one that remained focused on V all throughout and captured every one of his stunning expressions.

Fans and non-fans alike were so interested in the video it’s already garnered millions of views!

Surely, you’d have the same reaction if you survive through the entire clip!

Source: Insight