Fancams Of This Popular Female Idol Is Going Viral For This One Reason

Getting an idol’s attention is a fan’s goal, but Oh My Girl‘s Binnie took things to the next level with her fan service.

Binnie always makes it a point to interact with her fans either through eye contact, making small conversations and more. Even though some fan meetings and signings can be very busy, Binnie always seems to find her fans’ cameras and never fails to send her smiles their way. She constantly shows off a variety of different expressions which can instantly turn anyone into her fan. To see Binnie’s heart-stopping interactions, here are four videos that can make anyone instantly her fan:

Captured at multiple fan signings and fan meetings, fans were greeted by Binnie. She not only made eye contact with many fans but also was not shy about sending little different hearts out to the audience.

At the beginning of this fancam, fans were greeted with eye contact from Binnie. Even in a crowded ceremony, she managed to find the camera and acknowledge her fans.

Binnie always makes sure to talk to her fans during fan signs and give them her full attention. Fansigns are one of the events where fans are lucky enough to interact with idols on a personal level.

In this video, Binnie was seen having a pretty lengthy conversation with a fan. Even though she was at an event, she did not hesitate to interact with her fans.