Fancams Secretly Captured Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Being A True Gentleman Towards ITZY’s Yeji

They’ve even been nicknamed the “Hwang twins” because of their caring interactions.

Hyunjin and Yeji have showcased their longstanding friendship as joint MCs.

The pair have known each other as trainees at JYP Entertainment. Since then, both have been able to make their debut with the company’s most recent groups, Stray Kids and ITZY.

Hyunjin and Yeji made a splash when they were MCs for the Asia Song Festival in Ulsan. Standing next to each other, viewers couldn’t help but comment on their similar visuals and smiles.

Both were 2000-liners, and they even shared the same surname “Hwang.” Hence, the duo has been nicknamed the “Hwang twins.” But that’s not the only reason for this nickname.

Just like siblings, Hyunjin and Yeji showcased their close friendship, even when the primary camera wasn’t on. Fortunately, the fancams caught some special moments where Hyunjin demonstrated what a true gentleman he was.

Firstly, Yeji had to rush off to start her performance after MC-ing. Due to the limited time, she had to leave her microphone and cue cards at a random spot before hurrying off.

Hyunjin took notice of this and walked over to look after her belongings. He would hold onto them until she was done with her performance so that the microphone wouldn’t get broken or lost.

Fans have complimented Hyunjin on his considerate nature towards his labelmate.

Later on, Hyunjin and Yeji were captured sitting outside while taking a break from MC-ing. Hyunjin went off to grab some water, but before he left, he made sure to ask Yeji whether she wanted something to drink as well.

Yeji was shown nodding her head, and Hyunjin returned soon after with a water bottle for her.

Hyunjin has been commended for his actions, which showcase his attentive and thoughtful side towards his friends. These fancams have viewers commenting that Hyunjin truly is the perfect gentleman.

With a friendship as close as theirs, it is befitting for Hyunjin and Yeji to be known as the “Hwang siblings” of K-Pop.