The Only Girl Group Left That Largely Relies On Their Fandom, According To Circle Chart Director

“The only girl group to be classified as a fandom-type idol.”

The K-Pop landscape has seen a massive shift, with more and more idol groups managing to captivate both the dedicated fandoms and the general public with their unique music. Steve Choi, the esteemed Director of Circle Chart, recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the latest girl group releases and their chart performance. Interestingly, Choi pointed out that TWICE might be the last girl group that continues to thrive largely on the strength of its devoted fandom.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

According to Choi, a high stream count suggests that a group has successfully permeated the public’s consciousness, earning them the title of a ‘public-type’ idol. Conversely, groups with high album sales but relatively lower streams fall into the ‘fandom-type’ category. The unique phenomenon about this is that most fandom-type idols are usually male groups. However, TWICE, a legendary girl group, stands as an anomaly, relying heavily on its fandom.

TWICE is the only [girl group] to be classified as a “fandom-type” idol.

— Steve Choi

| OK POP!!/YouTube

Despite the ebbs and flows in their music chart performance throughout their long and illustrious career, TWICE’s staying power has been nothing short of remarkable. “TWICE’s indexes are still looking very good,” Choi noted, signaling the group’s sustained popularity, particularly shown through their album sales.

During their long career, there were lulls in their music chart performance, but we can say that TWICE is the history of K-Pop and legendary.

— Steve Choi

| OK POP!!/YouTube

The analysis also pointed out an intriguing trend. According to Choi, the divide between “fandom-type” and “public-type” idols is diminishing, with many groups migrating towards the “complete idol” sector — those with both high streams and album sales. The surge in “complete idols” demonstrates the escalating popularity of female idol groups not only in the K-Pop industry but also in Korean popular music and on a global scale.

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While it’s fascinating to see how the dynamics of K-Pop are evolving, it’s equally intriguing that TWICE continues to stand as a testament to the power of a loyal fanbase. As the last girl group left relying solely on their fandom, their success shows that even in an industry that’s rapidly shifting towards ‘complete idol’ status, there’s still a place for groups that have nurtured a deep and enduring connection with their fans.

TWICE | Billboard

As TWICE continues to defy the odds and remains a dominant force, they’re a shining reminder of their fandom’s unwavering support and the power of music that resonates with its listeners on a personal level. Regardless of how the idol classification shifts in the future, TWICE’s enduring popularity is a testament to the unyielding love of their fans.

Source: OK POP!!