These Fanmade Videos Turn BTS Into Superheroes, And The Results Are Too Legit

A BTS superhero movie? Shut up and take our money!

BTS’s faithful sidekicks, A.R.M.Y, have transformed the superstars into superheroes because, really, who doesn’t love a good crossover?


YouTuber user NEON GLOSS turned Jungkook into his all-time favourite superhero, Iron Man.


BTS’s sassy maknae as Marvel’s smart-mouthed supergenius?


It’s the perfect mashup!


Asya Snegina also turned Jungkook into Iron Man.


By layering graphics over Jungkook’s footage, she made it look like Jungkook is really using Tony Stark‘s technology!


The results are incredible!


mystylezutter‘s editing skills are no joke! This talented fan put Jungkook right into Iron Man’s suit!


mystylezutter also transformed Jin into Captain America


RM into Deadpool


…Suga into Spiderman


Jimin into the Joker


…and J-Hope into Superman.


Watch their epic battle here!


00levandi transformed Suga into Daredevil


…in this action-packed, Idols x Superheroes collab!


In this mind-blowing trailer, SWDR Productions recast Spiderman Homecoming with BTS!

Now there’s a film we’d watch over and over again!


Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, Oh-seun has pitted Spider-Kook…


…against V-Pool… this supercharged, friend-turned-foe story!


Who is your favourite BTS superhero?