Fans Allegedly Mobbed CRAVITY At Music Bank To Make Money

Fans were worried about their safety.

On April 24, CRAVITY held their performance for Music Bank and held a great stage. What they didn’t know was what was waiting for them after leaving the show.

As soon as they walked out of the building, they were mobbed by tons of people waiting outside.

Fans posts of videos from the scene showed just how crowded they were, literally mobbing the group on their way out.

“Pros don’t blame the distance you stupid dael-jjiks!”

“It wasn’t just crossing over the barricades, there were just tons of people even on the side of the road. CRAVITY had to walk out then back in then walk back out because they couldn’t open the door.”

What’s alarming about these videos is that despite being in the middle of a pandemic, people still aren’t listening to the rules about social distancing at all. Many were curious as to why so many male “fans” were waiting outside for the group. It was later revealed that people were allegedly waiting to take pictures of the group for money.

Many accounts online were seen selling pictures taken at certain locations such as music performances to make money. A new slang word called ‘댈찍’ (dael-jjik) is used for people who take photos of idols for someone in return for money.

“April 24, 2020 Music Bank photos for CRAVITY. Please contact for more information”

“April 24, 2020 Music Bank photos of CRAVITY for sale”

“April 14, 2020 CRAVITY leaving show performance photos. Koo Jung Mo sold out. Please ask for info through profile link.”

While some of the prices were hidden, some blatantly had the prices shown for the photos.

“CRAVITY Woobin data photos from April 24, 2020. $15 for 5 pics.”

Fans are furious that people would be doing things like this during a pandemic and put the members in danger. They hope that the broadcasting companies and agencies would figure out a way to stop this as soon as possible.