Fans almost didn’t recognize Sana at the airport looking like this

TWICE’s Sana is a master of disguise and her almost unrecognizable “appearance” at the airport is the ultimate proof!

She appeared in a completely toned-down and unassuming fashion, with a gray hoodie to match her ash gray hair color.

When Sana is not on stage looking fabulous, she can sometimes be spotted dressing more casual, perhaps in an effort to get from point A to B with as little fuss as possible.

Fans think that whatever she wears, she can make it work!

While others are praising her ash gray hair color and how it matches the hoodie perfectly.

Of course, when Sana wants to she can blow everyone away with her appearance as she recently did.

TWICE’s Sana Blows Away Her Fans In Recent Breathtaking Airport Photos

Need more of Sana’s casual, unassuming look? Check out the photos below: