Fans amazed of NS Yoon-G and Minjung’s athletic bodies in recent commercial

Singer NS Yoon-G and dancer Joo Minjung recently teamed up for a viral commercial for Almond Breeze.

With an Almond Breeze box in their hands, the two commences to show off their own style of dance moves. Joo Minjung does an amazing pop and lock dance while NS Yoon-G shows a smooth and body wave dancing style.

Joo Minjung rose to popularity in Korea after taking part of Korea’s Got Talent, becoming the fourth season winner with her amazing poppin dance abilities, and has been dubbed the “Queen of Poppin Dance.”

NS Yoon-G is a talented soloist who debuted in 2009 with the digital single “Head Hurts.” Her last single release was in 2015 with “Honey Summer.”