Fans Are Angry At Vogue Korea For Not Giving Yuta Enough Screen Time

The clip was less than a second…

Vogue Korea recently posted a short music film with the “Work It” unit of NCT to promote their inclusion in the December 2020 issue of the magazine. However, once it was released, fans grew angry at the distribution of the shots.

(Click the hidden image to see the clip. The clip is hidden, as it could be dizzying to some people.)

[video-to-gif output image]
| Vogue Korea/YouTube
Above is the only clip that Yuta received in the entire video (besides the group shot at the end). In a 58 second video, fans are upset that Yuta received less than a second of screen time, not to mention it was extremely blurry. In fact, while editing that gif, it was discovered that the clip is only 0.901 seconds long.

Fans are frustrated at this fact because Yuta has been left out of many things before. Including, supposedly, the Vogue Instagram post which had to be deleted and reuploaded for forgetting Yuta.

NCTzens began a hashtag that was trending for several hours, hoping to bring attention to the fact that they want more of the idol.

Although, the love the singer received after was huge.

Hopefully Yuta doesn’t take it to heart and gets more recognition in the future.

Source: StarNews