“Fans” Attack Produce 101 Trainee For Uploading Pictures Of Himself Working At A Cafe, Here’s How He Responded

Instead of getting angry, he apologized to his fans.

Kim Tae Dong of Produce 101 Season 2 was originally going to debut with JBJ, but due to conflicts with his agency, he couldn’t join the group. Fans were disappointed with the news, but have now become very worried about him.

Recently, he posted about his part-time job on Instagram. Since then he has received a lot of criticism and concern from those who call themselves his fans.


Instead of getting upset over the hate he was getting for the post, he decided to apologize to his fans.

“I’m posting this as an apology for making my fans about my part-time job that I recently referenced on Instagram.” — Kim Tae Dong


First, he made sure his fans knew he wasn’t giving up his dreams of becoming an idol.

“I’m sorry for causing so much anxiety to my fans. I haven’t given up on my dream of becoming a singer and I am continuing to train hard.” — Kim Tae Dong


He then explained why he had ultimately decided to take the part-time job and how it fits in with his plans to become an idol.

“I wanted to dance but I didn’t have anywhere to comfortably practice. I didn’t want to burden my parents by asking for money. I decided to work so I could pay for the room myself.” — Kim Tae Dong


He also apologized for making his fans wait so long for any news on his situation.

“I’m sorry that I can’t stand in front of my fans and are making all of you wait with no promise due to my problematic circumstances. I never meant to deceive you all but I didn’t want to talk about it without a proper solution.” — Kim Tae Dong


He especially felt sorry for hurting his fans and making them wait so long to see him debut.

“I’m sorry I made you worried and concerned for me. I wanted to walk the flower path with you but instead, I made you all wait and hurt you instead.” — Kim Tae Dong


Finally, he promised he wasn’t ever going to give up on his dreams.

“I will keep practicing, will never give up, and will be careful in everything that I do.” — Kim Tae Dong

Source: Dispatch