Fans Are Begging Park Jihoon To Drop His Skin Care Routine ASAP

Flawless skin.

Park Jihoon‘s skin is absolutely flawless, and people are begging the idol to drop his skincare routine ASAP!

Fans have discovered close up photos and videos of the idol and found that he has absolutely no blemishes on his face. With beautiful, bright, milky white skin without a single flaw in sight, fans are wondering what his secret is.

There is no sign of sun marks, pimples, or acne scars, which leads fans to believe that he has never struggled with any skin problems. Does this mean he was just born perfect?

Fans are saying his skin looks young and bouncy, and some have even joked that they must seem so old if they were next to the idol because of how glowy his skin is. His skin also looks smooth, with no dry patch in sight!

Fans are envious of the male, joking that he has better skin than girls who dedicate their lives to their skincare. Is this a requirement for being a top idol? Is it having flawless skin?

Park Jihoon is really handsome…

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann

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