Fans Are Beginning To Ship TWICE’s Nayeon And Japanese Actor Takeuchi Ryoma

These two definitely look really cute with each other!

TWICE has released another version of their “I Want You Back” music video that features the cast of the upcoming Japanese movie, Sensei Kunshu.

The song, which is a cover of Jackson 5‘s “I Want You Back”, is also the theme song for this Japanese film, which is an adaptation of the popular manga series Sensei Kunshu. It will also be included in TWICE’s first Japanese album, “BDZ”, which is scheduled to be released in September.


The music video features the TWICE members as well as the Japanese actors Takeuchi Ryoma, Hamabe Minami, Sato Taiki, and Kawaei Rina, who are the stars of the film.


After the release of the music video, netizens have begun taking particular interest in the two shot of Nayeon and Takeuchi Ryoma.


In the scene, both stars are bouncing to the music and look like they are having a blast!


Netizens have been complimenting the two on how good they look together, noticing that they seem to have a special chemistry.

  • “Wow, their chemistry!”
  • “What’s up with their chemistry! They’re so cute.”
  • “What’s up with their chemistry. I’m obsessed.”
  • “That guy is so handsome and they look so cute together.”
  • “Nayeon is so pretty. They look good together.”


The two have apparently even gotten close enough to send cute hand signs to each other.


The praise continued on social media with some declaring that they now ship the two gorgeous stars!


Check out the full music video below!

Watch until the end for a cute surprise by Takeuchi Ryoma!

Source: The Qoo and SBS