Fans Believe NCT 127’s Taeyong Is The Backbone Of Their “Neo” Concept With His Casual Fashion

They think he represents the “neo” concept perfectly!

As the leader, center, visual, main rapper and main dancer, it’s safe to say that NCT 127‘s Taeyong holds largely important roles in his group!

But along with being a large feature in their music and style, fans also believe that Taeyong’s very unique casual fashion is further proof of how vital he is to the group’s image! Taeyong has his very own style that he totally owns, and fans feel like he’s totally the backbone of the “neo’ concept of NCT!

1. This outfit is something only Taeyong can pull off!

2. So many prints…and colors…that kinda work on him?

3. This isn’t that bad, actually.

4. That hat totally holds the look together!

5. He’s slaying that scarf and those chains!

6. Taeyong makes this whole fit actually work.

7. Taeyong’s “neo” casual style!

8. A whole cutie!

While pointing out how “NCT-ish” his casual fashion is, fans noted that he also tends to dress neatly and more typically sometimes, and raved about his visuals in these outfits as well!

1. This simple casual look is amazing on him!

2. Such a sharp look!

3. Taeyong with white hair and a (almost) white outfit is everything!

4. Such chic visuals!

5. He’s serving such handsome visuals in this casual look!

But no matter what, all fans agreed that all these outfits looked even better because it was Taeyong wearing them with so much confidence and style!

Fans left their thoughts about his fashion as well!

You’ll find him easily if he gets lost

He dresses up fancily, but what’s even fancier is Taeyong’s face

It feels like he’ll just right out and start to perform Superhuman

If he didn’t become a celebrity, I can bet he would’ve become a designer

—Netizen comments on Nate

NCT 127 made their most recent comeback with “Punch”, the title track of their repackage album Neo Zone: The Final Round.

Watch the MV here!

Source: Nate