Fans Believe That Produce X 101 Is Scripted After This Incident

Many believe it is scripted after this.

During the last episode of Produce X 101, quick-eyed viewers how Mnet had edited a scene to look like it was being replayed, but were actually two seperate clips.

It’s so weird that this cut appeared twice, but the first time he got shocked and jumped and the second time, he didn’t jump at all. Don’t tell me they filmed this twice?? Is it scripted??

The scene shows Honyi Entertainment trainee Tony trying to scare Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim Mingyu, only to be surprised that he was the trainee who entered the room.

Netizens believe that it is scripted, and many are saying that they script it to figure out the amount of screentime they give to the trainees. Many are enraged over it, saying that it’s supposed to be a program in which the National Producers vote for what they see, but the producers are manipulating what people see.

Some have also expressed pity for Tony, saying that not only does he have to train, dance, and sing, but also to act. Many are saying that it didn’t even need to be shot again and commend Tony for his acting skills.

Source: The Qoo