Fans Are Coming to Jisoo’s Defense for Not Speaking in English Interviews

“Jisoo is a fluent listener of English.”

BLACKPINK is currently in the States appearing on various U.S. shows such as Stephen Colbert’s Late Night, Good Morning America, and Strahan and Sara.

Since these are American shows mainly for the American audience, BLACKPINK has been receiving a great deal of attention for their overall fluency in English.

But what many fans are noticing is how quiet Jisoo is in these interviews compared to Jennie who studied in New Zealand, Rosé who was born in Australia, and Lisa who can speak Thai, Korean, English, and Japanese.

In particular, BLACKPINK appeared in a segment called “Pop Quiz” on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, where they voted on various pop quizzes about themselves.

Just like in their other English interviews, fans saw that Jisoo was nodding along and trying to partake in the conversation, but she was overall very quiet throughout the interview.

It is evident that Jisoo is not as fluent in English, but some fans expressed criticism about how quiet she is and how uncomfortable that makes them feel.

Thankfully, many fans are coming to Jisoo’s defense saying she understands English and that she actually sounds very cute when she speaks English.

Other fans are cheering her on while sympathizing how difficult it must be to have activities that require a language that you’re not very familiar with.

Let’s hope that Jisoo gets more comfortable with the language throughout their time in America as loyal fans continue to cheer her and BLACKPINK on.