Fans Of BTS’s Jimin Make Donations To Support Flood Victims And Disaster Recovery

His influence is powerful.

Fans of BTS’s Jimin have joined forces and donated to support flood victims and disaster recovery under Jimin’s name. Notably, donations were also made to the recent disaster that occurred in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on August 4.

Fan base Adelio revealed through social media, “We have donated to those that have suffered a lot of damage from the flood under Jimin’s name. We hope that this can help even just a little and we hope that the rain will stop soon so as to further prevent any more damage.”

Another fan base MYJIMNIE also made donations under Jimin’s name to help with flood relief. “We have donated under Jimin’s name. Although the amount is small, we hope that it can help even just a little. I hope that later we will be able to donate even more!”

Fan base jimini_rani revealed, ”We have donated under Jimin’s name to help flood victims in Lebanon. We hope that there are no more victims from this flood.”

Other fan bases including My Disney, JIMIN ALERT also shared the hashtags #prayforBeirut and #prayforLebanon and revealed that they had made donations as well.

These generous actions and donations were influenced by Jimin’s donations that he has shown fans throughout the years. Last winter, he changed the chairs and desks for students at his high school and also made donations for low-income students.

These gestures and actions from around the world just proves to show just how big and powerful Jimin’s influence and power is to fans.

Source: imaeil