Fans Are Calling This Comedian A Pervert For His Comment On Sunmi’s Instagram Post

Sunmi recently updated her Instagram with a stunning photo of her in a black dress.

She looked irresistably sexy and elegant, so comedian Jung Chan Woo left a compliment on her post.

“You look elegant.”

— Jung Chan Woo

Some of Sunmi’s fans, however, interpreted the comment in a perverted way.

“Ahjushi, you sound like a pervert….”

Jung Chan Woo replied to the comment to explain that he was “completely normal”.

“Puhaha I’m completely normal. Sunmi is a dongseng I look out for.”

— Jung Chan Woo

This only seemed to make things worse, as the fan continued to ask him to control himself.

“ㅠㅠ….Can you control yourself just a littleㅠㅠ sobsob if not, then ok.”

Jung Chan Woo seemed genuinely confused at the responses, so he continued to reply:

“Control what? She’s pretty, so I just said she was pretty, what’s the problem? Sunmi and I know each other very well.”

— Jung Chan Woo

What did you think of Jung Chan Woo’s comment?

Source: Dispatch