Fans are calling NU’EST’s Jonghyun “Wartortle” Due To His Unique PR Video

During Produce 101‘s PR episodes, NU’EST‘s talented leader gave his charming introduction using Pokémon and fans loved it.

NU’EST’s Kim Jonghyun may have had one of the most epic and unexpected Produce 101, Season 2, PR videos this season. He began his int’oduction in the video by showing a picture of his favorite Pokémon called “Wartortle” and proceeded to pose like the cartoon creature in the image.

Once Jonghyun was finished with his memorable introduction, he performed an impressive dance for the judges and ended his video by asking viewers for votes with Pokéballs.

This audition video spread like wildfire and has caused many of his fans to call him Wartortle instead of Jonghyun.

Catch Wartortle’s adorable introduction below:

Fans loved Jonghyun’s Pokémon introduction so much, in fact, that they started editing pictures of Wartortle to look like him! Edited photos of Wartortle now include Jonghyun’s signature haircut and his Produce 101 outfits to make the adorable Pokémon truly resemble him.

Wartortle Jonghyun.

The name is gone after self PR in Produce 101.jpgif | INSTEISE

Jonghyun would make a cute Wartortle.

The name is gone after self PR in Produce 101.jpgif | INSTEISE

Wartotle with Jonghyun’s hair is double the cute.