Fans Can Recognize BTS’s RM Just By His Silhouette

Fans hoped that RM had some nice quality alone time.

After performing both an amazing opening and ending performance at the SBS Gayo Daejun, fans spotted RM out and about the next day.

Photos were posted online, revealing a silhouette that looked similar to RM. Fans who spotted him revealed that he seemed to be looking around in a plant café and saw that he bought some plants to take home with him as well.




Fans were surprised to see him out and about one day after Gayo Daejun and on the same day the group was supposed to hold their pre-recording for the KBS Gayo Daechukje.




Fans felt that he should have rested up a bit before his next schedule. However, some fans remembered that RM’s interests included plants and trees. They predicted that he might have stopped by the plant café to have some alone time and recharge before their next show.

“RM’s interests: clothes, plants/trees, toys, pretty drawings, music, family, friends, and of course ARMYs.”




Many fans could tell it was RM just by the silhouette of his back. They respected how diligent he was in making sure he had his own down time before getting back to work.




Fans also hoped that he was getting enough rest before heading back to shows.