Fans Can’t Believe How Different Irene Looks In Her Pre Debut Photos

An online community post has revealed before and after pictures of Red Velvet‘s Irene, and the difference is significant.

The pictures that surfaced of Red Velvet’s Irene have confirmed her natural beauty. Even though she looks different compared to then and now – it was clear to many that it was a natural transformation.

Her middle school and high school photos showed a sweet and innocent side, while her current image is more mature and elegant. Also, her SM Entertainment profile photos were included in the post, shocking many with her naturally bright and prominent facial features.

The overall vibe and atmosphere she gave off in her past pictures were different and some features seem to have changed, but many believe that it was with rigorous dieting and self-care that helped her enhance her natural beauty.

Check out her cute past photos below!

Red Velvet’s Middle School photos.
Irene’s high school graduation photos.

Irene’s SM Entertainment audition profile photos
Irene’s SM Entertainment audition profile photos

Source: Dispatch