Fans Can’t Believe Kang Daniel Eats This Highly Dangerous Food

Eating this raw like Kang Daniel did can cause severe health problems.

Fans grew extremely worried about Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel, after he was spotted eating raw bacon on the latest episode of It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets.


As Kang Daniel and other show guests gathered in the kitchen to cook up a feast, he got his hands on one of the many ingredients from the counter: uncooked, packaged bacon.


Without much hesitation, Kang Daniel grabbed a strip of bacon…


… and took it straight into his mouth.


The other guests reacted with surprise, while Kang Daniel explained he used to eat raw bacon all the time.

“Are you sure it’s okay to eat that raw?” — Jang Kiha


He said, “It’s just like eating the raw ham that goes inside a kimbap (김밥, rolled rice).”

“I used to eat bacon like this since I was in elementary school. It’s really good!” — Kang Daniel


The concern is, eating bacon raw can cause bacterial and/or parasitic infections that result in gastrointestinal distress of varying degrees.


While bacon is cured with salt or brine just like deli ham (which can be eaten raw as Kang Daniel mentioned), unlike deli ham raw bacon is not pre-cooked and can be quite dangerous. Raw pork meat may carry parasites and bacteria that can cause food poisoning. The effects from these bacterial infections can even be fatal at times.

Consuming raw or undercooked pork and intaking bacteria and parasites from it can lead to symptoms like fever, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, inflammation of the organs, swollen eyes, muscle incoordination, breathing difficulties, and/or joint issues. 


Source: Dispatch and Foods for Better Health

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