Fans Can’t Believe How Pretty BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Mom Is

Jennie definitely got her killer looks from her!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a known stunner, and fans have often wondered where she gets her good looks from!

A screenshot of a picture of Jennie, her mom and a few other people surfaced online, and fans can’t believe how pretty Jennie’s mom is!

Fans also noted how similar they look!

Jennie also shared photos from a trip she took with her mother, and fans can further see what a fashionista she is; along with her looks, Jennie definitely got that from her too!

Fans have been commenting on how similar they look and their elegant taste in style:

  • “She looks so much like her mum, so pretty. Her genes are crazy”
  • “They look so similar omg”
  • “A whole visual, and with the Balenciagas!”

As the saying goes, like mother, like daughter!