Fans Can’t Believe How Small Taeyeon’s Waist Has Become In Recent Photos

She’s stealing everyone’s heart.

Taeyeon was spotted heading off to Dubai for the SM Town Live World Tour 6.


She was seen wearing a trendy pair of black jeans and a colorful, cropped sweater.


But what really turned heads was Taeyeon’s impossibly small waist!


Fans couldn’t believe how tiny her waist looked in the outfit.


And were even more mesmerized when they caught a glimpse of her from the side.


All her fans agreed that she was extremely pretty.

  • “Taeyeon is really pretty!”

  • “She’s always so cute.”

  • “She is so beautiful.”

  • “She’s a goddess!”


Some fans were so enamored of her that they even asked for her hand in marriage!

  • “Marry me!”

  • “How can you be so perfect! Will you marry me?”


It’s easy to see how Taeyeon captured so many hearts with this one outfit. And the only accessory she needed was her dazzling smile!

Source: Dispatch and Seoul Economy

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