Fans Can’t Belive How Freakin Good-Lookin JBJ Hyunbin’s Dad Is

Kwon Hyunbin’s dad might be even hotter than he is!

While Kwon Hyunbin is by all definitions, handsome, he isn’t the only handsome man in his family!

Hyunbin has wowed fans with his unbelievable, almost mathematically perfect, visuals. It doesn’t seem possible for a man to be born this attractive, but his baby photos prove it.


Ever since he was born, Kwon Hyunbin has been nothing but adorable and handsome.


After seeing pictures of Kwon Hyunbin in the past, fans were curious to know more about where he inherited his handsomeness.


When this photo of Kwon Hyunbin’s father surfaced, it blew netizens away!

Kwon Hyunbin and his father could be twins! They have the same symmetrical features, strong cheekbones, and sharp jawline. With his full lips and intense gaze, Kwon Hyunbin’s dad could easily walk the runway beside his son!


It’s true what they say — good looks really do run in the family!

Source: Nate Pan