Fans Can’t Decide If This Is A Picture Of EXO Sehun Or WANNA ONE Bae Jinyoung

Can you guess correctly?

Take a look at this photo. Who do you see?

Some say it’s a photo of EXO‘s Sehun

While others say it looks a lot like Wanna One‘s Bae Jinyoung.

Ta-da! Can you guess now with the full photo?

No? It’s okay, most netizens couldn’t either! It’s actually a photo of Bae Jinyoung!

The photo has gone viral as netizens couldn’t believe how much Sehun and Jinyoung looked so much alike!

Many realized that the two have incredibly similar features around the mouth and nose. Same deep-set eyes, the same tall nose, and small beautiful lips!

Looking at them more makes it more difficult to truly tell them apart!

Talk about true doppelgängers!

Source: Instiz