Fans Can’t Decide Who TWICE’s Jihyo Looks More Like

Either way, she’s gorgeous!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s recent post on TWICE’s official Instagram account has got fans wondering who she looks like more!


The photo showed Jihyo with her mom and dad enjoying each other’s company with some coffee after a nice meal.

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“Date with mom and dad🍴 It’s been awhile since the vitamin fairy came to share with us at the dorm. Thank you 🤤


After seeing the photo, netizens have begun to understand where Jihyo gets her stunning looks!

“I can tell they’re family by looking at their eyes!”


But they couldn’t seem to agree on who Jihyo takes after more, her mom or her dad! While some commented that she took after her dad, who was, by the way, extremely handsome…

  • “I was wondering where she got her perfectness. She’s a replica of her father.”
  • “Her father is very handsome.”
  • “She looks just like her father.”
  • “Her father is so handsome~ Fathers with huge eyes like that usually have pretty sons and daughters.”
  • “It’s obvious that she’s his daughter.”
  • “Exactly the same as her father lol if you want a pretty daughter, you have to meet a handsome man everyone~”


Others claimed that she looked more like her mother.

  • “Her mother is gorgeous too. Jihyo must be pretty because she got all the good genes from her parents.”
  • “That’s her mother? I thought it was her sister…”
  • “She looks like her mother. Only her double eyelid is like her father.”
  • “The shape of her face looks like her mom. She looks like both!”


In the end, netizens concluded that Jihyo must take after both since both of her parents were very good-looking!

  • “Wow…both her mom and dad are so good-looking.”
  • “Her eyes look like her dad and her nose and mouth like her mom, her face shape like both lol.”
  • “She seems to take after her mom’s face and her eyes are pretty like her father.”
  • “She takes after the good qualities of her mom and dad.”
  • “Her eyes are like her father’s and her nose and face is like her mother’s.”
  • “Both her parents look so young!”
  • “She takes after only the good sides of her parents.”
  • “Face shape like her mom and eyes and nose like her father.”
  • “Looks like Jihyo is pretty because both her parents are very good-looking.”


It’s not only Jihyo who got the good genes from her parents either. Jihyo’s little sister, Seo Yeon, is also just as beautiful as her older sister.


Including Jihyo’s little sister, Jihyo’s entire family look like each other and are absolutely gorgeous!


Watch TWICE’s latest music video “Dance The Night Away” below:

Source: Nate