Fans Can’t Decide Whether Or Not SEVENTEEN’s The8 Is A Genius For His DIY Fashion

“I still can’t believe we let him get away with this.”

Fans know that SEVENTEEN‘s The8 is the group’s expert when it comes to rocking the best fashion.


Just take a look at him rocking a long coat, chunky sneakers, and a crossbody bag, topped off with an expensive Louis Vuitton scarf.

Or dressed in a furry sweater, bag, and stylish sunglasses. Every time The8 walks out of the house, he’s making a fashion statement. Even so, there’s one look that Carats just can’t get over.

When The8 was getting his belongings checked at the airport, fans were focused on his jeans. To seemingly prevent his jeans from riding up above his boots, holes were cut into them. That way, the boots’ loops could fit through them, preserving the entire look.

It was such an unorthodox method that Carats still can’t decide if it was genius or too “horrendous” for words.

No matter which side you’re on, everyone can admit that no one could pull it off except for The8.