Red Velvet Wendy’s Over-the-Top Expressions on New Show Are Just Too Cute

Wendy melted hearts as the first-time host of the new tvN show, Raid the Convenience Store, with her cute reactions.

The new tvN variety show stars BEAST‘s Yoon Doo Joon, comedian Lee Soo Geun, and Red Velvet‘s Wendy as hosts in the new one hour set to replace Three Meals a Day. The show asks guests to invent a new recipe using only ingredients purchased at a convenience store.  The guests are also expected to share their own stories relating to their experiences with eating or cooking instant food.

Raid the Convenience Store aired its first broadcast on January 13. The show is Wendy’s first time acting as a host, but not her first time on a variety show, although she seemed to be keeping up well. Her reactions stole the hearts of all those watching, check them out!

Her shock and laughter were so endearing!

What could she be shocked at? So adorable!

The food tasted better than expected and her wide-eyed expression was to die for.

Her smile was so sweet.

Her outfit for the show was especially cute!

Everyone~~~!!! I, Wendy, have become a part-time worker!!! Some delicious convenience store recipes will be introduced by our very kind CEO Lee Soo Geun, general manager Tony An, chief Kangta, assistant manager Yoon Dujun, team leader Park Narae, and staff DinDin!!! Tonight at 9:40 PM, be sure to tune into Raid the Convenience Store!

We’re looking forward to more of Wendy’s sweet reactions next episode. For now, watch the full episode below: