Fans Can’t Get Over NewJeans Haerin’s Unrealistic Visuals At Fan Meeting

What a queen.

Most recently, NewJeans held their Bunnies Camp fan meeting and met with fans. This event was held in-person and online, and they even performed their new song, “ETA,” for the first time!

After the show, online communities buzzed about member Haerin’s unreal visuals in real life.

As soon as she appeared on the screen, fans couldn’t believe what they saw.

Even in the preview shots her visuals were absolutely stunning.

Although her photos are stunning, there really isn’t anything that can beat real-life moving Haerin!

Even in the video of them leaving the show, you could see just how sweet she was to wave goodbye to all the fans outside.

Fans couldn’t help but fall in love with both her visuals and personality!

Nate Pann
  • “And to think she hasn’t done anything to her face and is a natural beauty.”
  • “I love how her personality is quiet and sweet. I was getting tired of how they were pushing the girl crush concept on female idols.”
  • “She’s the legendary cat visual queen.”
  • “Wow her eyes are so huge it looks like they edited it to a 100.”
Source: Nate Pann