Fans Can’t Help But Smile At OH MY GIRL Arin’s Close Bond With Her Father And Brother

What a happy family!

An online community board posted about OH MY GIRL Arin‘s close bond with her family and were happy to see that she came from a loving family. And we can see where she gets her loving and bright personality from!

| @8_OHMYGIRL/Twitter

She is seen posting messages about her family through her Instagram account as she shares her close relationship with her father and brother.

This Instagram story reveals her father sending her photos of him buying things from BYC, the clothing brand that she is currently the model for!

| @ye._.vely618/Instagram

She also shared a snippet of the texts she shared with her father after finding out he had bought clothes from the brand.

“This is so heartwarming dad! (Please put it up at home hehe).” | @ye._.vely618/Instagram

Arin: This is dad’s hand?

Dad: Yup~~ I went to BYC today to buy some clothes so that I could get my daughter’s poster.

Arin: Ah! That’s so did you get one?

Dad: Yes…I received two posters…

Not only does she share a close bond with her father but also her younger brother! These are several Instagram stories from her brother Choi Seok Jun’s personal Instagram account.

| @choi_s_jun_/Instagram

One reads, “Although they didn’t make it to first place, I’d like to thank all those that supported and took part in the event! Great job to my sister and all the other members who worked so hard to make a great performance! I am so proud and touched to have you as my sister. I am always rooting for you.”

He shared gifts he received from his sister and thanked her for always thinking about him. He wrote, “Nuna…first of all thanks so, so much. I know you sent all this with good intentions because you knew that I liked it..but I’m not a health trainer or a body builder haha. The box you sent looks bigger than my refrigerator. I’ll try to start eating it starting now. You sent this much because that’s how much you love me, right? Thanks!”

He is always ready to support and share good news regarding his sister through his own page. He hyped up, “My sister has finally made her own Instagram account! Please go follow her and leave pretty comments please!”

It’s nice to see siblings rooting for each other and being each other’s best support system! 

…?…..? First place….first….congratulations sister! Thanks to everyone!

These family photos of Arin and her brother and father are so heartwarming to see and shows just how much love and support she must have received while growing up. Her father and brother also show off their good looks proving good genes run in the family!

| @choi_s_jun_/Instagram

OH MY GIRL is a girl group created by WM Entertainment in 2015 and is composed of seven members. Recently, Shin Ye Eun and Golden Child’s Bomin left their positions as MCs on KBS Music Bank and was replaced by OH MY GIRL’s Arin and TXT’s Soobin.