Fans can’t stop laughing at this silly feature in WINNER’s latest photo book

Fans have noticed something very odd with WINNER‘s newest photo book, and it’ll make you laugh out loud.

WINNER’s photo book for their newest single album Fate Number For has finally been published and those lucky enough to have been able to pre-order it were treated to a comical surprise. The photo book, among other things, included a number of photos that spanned two pages, making some of them look rather weird.

When stretched across the two pages of the photo book, however, the photos bend towards the spine in the middle, making it look stretched or distorted and fans couldn’t believe this was how it was really produced.

The spine of the book seems to have swallowed his nose bridge.

Several fans who had pre-ordered the photo book expressed their confusion at the photos but revealed that not all photos were like this. They also explained that if the photo book was completely stretched out to lie flat, the photos appeared quite normal, it’s only when casually flipping through the pages that the photos look a bit odd.

Even Seunghoon seems confused as to where his hips went.

One netizen uploaded a collection of pages they thought were the most ridiculous, and they’re sure to give you a laugh.

This photo gives a whole new meaning to he’s all legs!

Source: Instiz